Strength, influence, impact

April 1st 2015

The North West is often cited as one of the UK’s fastest developing regions. As an economic hotspot it is home to over 13,450 businesses, many of which are national employers. This is a region that has the potential to thrive.

A home, however, is becoming increasingly unattainable for many of the 300,000 people at its heart. Rising property prices mean that for first time buyers especially, the dream of home ownership might remain just that. Meanwhile increasing private rents exacerbate the problem. Affordable alternatives are needed. This is the role of Torus.

As successful individual organisations, both Helena Partnerships and Golden Gates Housing Trust have already made a significant impact in St Helens and Warrington. We provide homes for some 44,000 customers; help them face the daunting challenges of Welfare Reforms; support vulnerable people and introduce many to new work and training opportunities.

By combining our strength in a Group, we can do so much more. So, what exactly will we do? From day one we intend to use our strength and influence to deliver economic and social betterment. Our priority will be to work our assets to achieve this goal.

Driving value from our asset base – some 22,000 homes – we intend to build more affordable homes for rent, shared ownership and sale. Each affordable home we build will contribute nearly £91,000 to the local economy and create 2.1 jobs. And for Torus, it’s not simply about building homes, it’s about opening doors of opportunity.

Every home we build opens a door to so much more. To job and training opportunities. To thriving communities and better neighborhoods. To services and support. By aligning construction of new homes to employment opportunities, we will create communities that are truly sustainable. Working alongside partners, we intend to create 2,500 local jobs over the next 5 years.

We believe that a genuinely collaborative approach will help achieve this. So working with strategic partners from the public, private and third sector, we will focus our resources on the issues that matter. Jobs, health, transport links, digital connectivity and of course housing.

Strength, influence, impact. These are the foundations on which Torus has been built and from which we will create our legacy for the region.