Hello and welcome to Torus

With strong roots and a long established partnership network, Torus will play a pivotal role in the Mid-Mersey region and North West.

A unique housing Group, Torus combines the very best of two local, community led landlords. Sound governance, a strong asset base and significant financial capacity enables us to do more. To provide more opportunities for the communities we serve, build more new homes and enhance the services we provide to our tenants and customers.

With a local focus and national perspective, we are committed to delivering urban and social regeneration, accelerating regional growth and contributing towards a sustainable economy.

Blending commercial initiative with social purpose, we place people at the heart of our vision. By developing and connecting thriving communities. By creating local jobs and opportunities. By improving health and wellbeing. By doing all this and more, we are creating a legacy that extends far beyond the homes we build and the services we offer. We create better places, better prospects and better futures.

Registered in England and Wales VAT Number: 849 745 961