What do we do?

Regenerate. Revitalise. Transform.

The North West is one of the UK’s fastest developing regions. Warrington itself is an economic hotspot at the heart of one of nine national growth corridors. We are poised to ensure that local people, businesses and communities can benefit from this potential.

We believe that a genuinely collaborative approach will help achieve this.

Working with strategic partners from the public, private and third sector, we will focus on the issues that matter. Jobs, health, transport links, digital connectivity and affordable housing.

Over the next 20 years the number of households in the North West is expected to increase by 360,000. Yet a quarter of adults aged 20 – 34 are unable to afford their own home.


Each affordable home we build contributes £90,972 to the local economy and creates 2.1 jobs

Our land holdings, financial strength and experience will enable us to significantly increase the supply of affordable homes in the region. Each affordable home we build contributes £90,972 to the local economy, creates 2.1 jobs and delivers a lasting impact on the regional economy and infrastructure.

As our asset value grows, so too does our ability to make a difference. Continual reinvestment in our properties and communities enables us to tackle inequality in employment, skills, health, digital access, financial wellbeing and fuel poverty.